Real Estate For Sale In Lauro De Freitas

Real Estate For Sale In Lauro De Freitas

Real Estate For Sale In Lauro De Freitas

For individuals who are searching for a house close to Salvador without having trading lots of money, Lauro de Freitas provides some good choices. In contrast to a few of the much more upmarket areas close to Salvador, the actual property easily obtainable in Lauro de Freitas provides each flats as well as homes, that allows this in order to focus on the broader marketplace section.

Lauro de Freitas is situated regarding 15 kilometres for the northeast associated with Salvador. It’s a good city region along with lots of industrial exercise and it is a significant factor towards the development in the area. In spite of as an city region, the city offers its reveal associated with pure beauty along with hillsides, plateaus as well as tablelands protected within greenery.

It’s 3 streams operating via this and it has regarding 6 kilometres associated with beautiful seashores. The actual 3 most well-known seashores listed here are Vilas perform Atlantico, Ipitanga as well as Buraquinho.


Within Lauro de Freitas you will discover comfy flats within contemporary city design designs that preserve room, however supply just about all amenities. The majority of flats tend to be brand new so you have the choice of purchasing a condo below building along with forecasted shipping within in regards to a 12 months.

With respect to the cost that you’re prepared to spend, you’ll find homes within each upmarket places as well as places along with fairly reduce expenses. It’s also feasible to purchase property within created condominiums along with typical amenities. You may also search for great industrial opportunities such as stores as well as resorts.


The costs associated with flats runs through R$120, 000 in order to R$600, 000. A typical condo might set you back regarding R$247, 000. You’ve got a option in between areas close to the seashores or even the ocean as well as areas around, that are nearer to daily essentials.

With respect to the cost, you’re going to get 2 to 3 sleeping rooms and perhaps a couple of fits. The ground room is going to be within the forty in order to one hundred and eighty sq. yards variety. The swimming pool will come in most contemporary flats and also the more advanced flats might have bigger swimming pools or perhaps a individual 1 with regard to children.

Since many flats tend to be brand new, they often arrive unfurnished, although it’s from time to time feasible to locate semi-furnished flats too.

Car parking room with regard to a couple of vehicles may also be obtainable. You may expect amenities for example twenty-four hours a day protection, bbq, barbeque grill, set up space, cloakroom, interior sports activities amenities, health and fitness region, online game space, celebration region, and so on. in many flats. Within the more costly condominiums, functions for example house maid groups, wedding reception corridor, sports activities legal courts, and so on. perhaps obtainable.


There are lots of homes easily obtainable in Lauro de Freitas through R$175, 000 in order to R$1, a hundred and fifty, 000 by having an typical cost associated with R$656, 000. They all are within good areas along with appealing functions.

Homes beneath R$700, 000 are often inside gated towns, mainly situated near to among the beautiful seashores. The majority of homes tend to be two-floor buildings along with seventy five in order to six hundred sq. yards associated with built region upon and building plots associated with two hundred in order to eight hundred sq. yards. You may expect 2 in order to 5 sleeping rooms along with as much as 3 fits. Several homes possess a pool, backyard, yard or even eco-friendly region. Several auto parking service can also be generally obtainable.

Homes along with costs nearer to R$700, 000 may have top quality building and perhaps a sizable swimming pool along with high quality functions. You may expect the rest of the typical amenities such as protection, support region, celebration region, bbq, kitchen, workplace, worker groups, play ground, online game space, playroom with regard to children as well as drinking water storage space.

The actual homes within the greater variety that are listed over R$700, 000 can be found within high quality upmarket condominiums. The actual building regular is actually associated with top quality, generally along with superb complete. These types of homes tend to be pretty big along with two hundred and fifty in order to four hundred sq. yards associated with built region upon and building plots associated with four hundred in order to 1500 sq. yards.

Many of them possess 4 sleeping rooms and much more compared to 2 fits. You may expect high quality functions just like a nicely organized big swimming pool, a pleasant landscaped backyard or perhaps a eco-friendly region along with fresh fruit trees and shrubs. Sufficient auto parking can be obtained as well as as well as the typical amenities, you may expect the ballroom, membership, tennis games courtroom, and so on. included in the typical amenities.

Other forms Associated with Property

In the event that you’d rather perform your personal building, you’ll find great plots within well-developed condominiums along with great typical amenities, which a home could be built.

Industrial property, for example areas with regard to stores or even shops as well as property that’s ideal for transformation to some little resort can also be occasionally obtainable. The cost may vary from R$250, 000 for any store inside a great industrial condominium in order to more than R$1, 000, 000 for any resort along with regarding 10 areas as well as fundamental amenities.

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